About Us

about us

Rug Shop and More is the new kid on the block but my family roots run deep in the area rug industry.  I am proud to share with you that our Connecticut based family company has been covering floors with area rugs and providing excellent customer service successfully since 1954.

As a child, I have fond memories of visiting my father’s area rug gallery and jumping on rug piles while I listened intently to my father interacting with customers.  As the years passed, I remember him showing my brothers and I rugs that he had recently purchased on a buying trip.  He was always excited to offer them to his customers.  One by one he would page back each rug and educate me on the quality, the design, the colors and workmanship on each and every rug. There were so many. There were large ones and small ones.  I saw beautifully woven floral patterns and geometric designs.  Some had borders while others had large center medallions.  I was in awe of their beauty, especially the gorgeous colors of jewel blue, ruby reds, greens and warm golds.  I learned how hand made area rugs were woven on a loom in the cities or the villages where their design names originated from.

I have listened and I have learned from my father and my brothers, noted experts in the area rug industry.  From their inspiration and my passion, blossomed a company that is dedicated to providing the perfect area rug for your home.  Rug Shop and More was born out of a passion and love of area rugs.  It’s that simple.